The Squacco Heron, Ardeola ralloides is an Old World heron, closely related to (and sharing a genus with) the eastern pond-herons. Squacco Heron, Newton Abbott (Devon, UK), 8th October 2005 Squacco Heron, Granelli (Sicily, Italy), 28th April 2012 Squacco Heron, Portopal di Capo Passero (Sicily, Italy), 1st May 2012 - a flock of 8 on the beach until flushed by a fisherman - presumably migrants Stone Curlews and Squacco Herons Posted on 12 June 2018 12 June 2018 Leave a comment Couldn’t resist another opportunity to revisit the S’Albufera on yet another baking hot day. Squacco Heron waiting Attenborough 30 10 11 IMG_7508. The squacco heron, a bird rarely seen in England, has been spotted at a nature reserve on the border of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Squacco herons breed mainly in Eastern Europe with a few sporadic sites in Spain and France. Usually, nests are 5-10 metres apart. The reason why it has turned up in the UK is unknown as these birds normally spend the summer in Southern Europe. This bird is a rare vagrant to the UK from its normal summer range in the mediterranean. This record is the second for the site at Welney and one of only a handful for the county. The three figures after BBRC or ESIP follow the rules defined by Wood(1996): Species with a status of BBRC (British Birds Rarities Committee) are nationally rare and require full descriptions. ‘There was also a pair of squacco herons in the reeds.’ ‘Martin Wagner, from Thames Water said: ‘The sighting of the squacco heron is a great success for the company as well as for wildlife.’’ ‘It also houses specimens of night herons, squacco herons, little egrets and is usually visited by the marsh harrier.’ The adult bird … The result of me not leaving the house was missing out on a Squacco Heron of which I have seen in Lesvos, but not in the UK. The Squacco Heron breeds in small or large colonies with other heron’s species. I had full intentions of seeing it later in the afternoon when the temperatures dropped a little, but news of it flying off over Blakeney Point, … Squacco Heron moment before strike Attenborough 30 10 11 IMG_7519. All images are strictly copyright and may not be used for any use without my permission. They nest in reedbeds or dense thickets of willows, or trees, near or over water. Squacco Heron dive for fish Attenborough 30 10 11 IMG_7520. The Squacco Heron/Ardeola ralloides,Kriptotsiknias in Greek(the heron that is hidden) is a small heron,enough common even if difficult it is observed, 40-49 cm long with 82-95 cm wingspan,and weight 250-370 gr It is of Old World origins, breeding in southern Europe and the Greater Middle East. Squacco Heron ready to strike Attenborough 30 10 11 IMG_7503. It shares the common characteristic of white flight feathers which fold away on landing to leave a cryptically coloured bird, well suited to its preferred reedy habitat. The nest is often placed fairly low, less than two metres, but occasionally up to 20 metres high in tree. I got up early and walked the dogs to give Carolyn a bit of a lie in and then did the two hour drive to Pagnham harbor in Sussex to try to connected with a Squacco heron that has been around for a week or so. Squacco heron at WWT Welney