Increased product sales while assisting customers with product knowledge, addressing and resolving customer product complaints, empathetically and efficiently. Demonstrated effective communication and customer service skills interacting with an average of thirty five customers per day. Demonstrated diligent attention to detail by maintaining records of all calls and scheduling appointments. Provided inbound telephone support for customers by basic and advanced troubleshooting, investigating and resolving customer questions and problems. Answered incoming calls from Verizon Wireless customers. Compiled customer feedback and made process changes to raise satisfaction ratings. Managed large amounts of inbound and outbound calls in a timely matter. Followed HIPAA rules and regulations before releasing information on the application status. Provided internal and external support to assist our subsidiaries in accomplishing sales goals. Assisted with problem resolution for customers, documented files, and entered customer information into a computerized database. Maintained accurate data entry of customer information, including confidential financial information. Included accepting payments and rectifying customer accounts. Provided reassurance to member's during emotional upset, while gathering necessary information to dispatch service information necessary to dispatch service. Trained and specialized in member-specific program platforms and troubleshooting members' problems, in addition to all previously required responsibilities. Provided advanced troubleshooting of internet navigation, authentication, billing concerns and miscellaneous personal computer software. Received from and placed query calls to patients, pharmacies, insurance companies, and physicians. Offered alternative solutions where appropriate to retain customer's business. Utilized data entry skills to maintain documentation of calls and accurate records to contribute to regulatory compliance and department efficiency. appropriate changes were made to improve customer satisfaction. Worked with customers very personal information. Promoted additional services that add value to the customers current service package. Best call center skills for your resume. Assisted with billing and coverage inquiries between the insured, and insurance companies. Conducted outgoing calls for consumer surveys, Customer interaction, Data entry. Responded to email and telephone inquiries regarding product information. Identified, researched and resolved customer issues by properly navigating through computer system. Closed accounts and set up new ones Utilized state-of-the art telephone and interactive computer systems. Performed clerical duties, such as typing, proofreading, and scheduling appointments. Answered customer billing and service inquiries for 5000+ users in the Jackson, MS area. Utilized automated phone system to conduct surveys and offer special promotions to customers/potential customers of various vendors. Adaptability . Called patients and insurance companies regarding patient information in relation to an accident. Handled research requests and problem resolution for other call center representatives. Ensured that discrepancies were corrected and appropriate changes were made to resolve customer issues. Resolved health insurance enrollment issues, including HMO, PPO, POS, and traditional health care plans. Provided accurate information on billing and excellent customer service for clients that generated inbound calls. Monitored approximately 20 incoming and outgoing calls per month incoming and provided feedback to reps so they could effectively service participants. Obtained customer information and entered into computer system for order processing. Provided exceptional customer service, resolving client inquiries, providing new product information. Provided customer support including problem resolution using multiple software applications. We use information you provide us through the forms on the site in a method consistent with the reason for the form. Provided customer service, answered customer inquiries, provided solutions as well as new product information for an Identity Theft service. Verified personal and identifying information, adhering to HIPAA regulations. Maintained complete confidentiality in accordance with organization and legal HIPAArequirements. Worked as a customer service representative for an established marketing company. Promoted effective communication between administrative and clinical staff with accurate documentation and attention to detail. Received several perfect customer feedback ratingsSkills UsedLeadership, Teamwork, Communication, Problem solving. Placed orders and corrected customer orders, expediting shipment when necessary. Helped them to make a payment or satisfactory payment arrangements Sidelines. Now, how to become one! Resolved issues and responded to requests, provided accurate and appropriate information. Solved Verizon Wireless customer's technical issues with all products including Android and iPhone devices. After all, you’re the first person customers turn to to get their questions answered and their problems solved. Resolved customer questions, complaints & requests in high volume call center for Peoples United Bank. Redirected misplaced calls to appropriate departments. Preformed backup assistance on certain phones. Helped enter new customers into salon database and calling them regularly to ensure they stay informed about salon promotions and events. Called frequent audience members to sell tickets; assisted in both seating and time management and received incoming telephone calls. And 63% of customers agree that resolving an issue quickly or at first contact is the most important element of a good customer experience. Provided accurate information in response to member inquiries. This Call Center Representative job description template includes the list of most important Call Center Representative's duties and responsibilities.It is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Offered additional services to clients such as internet and cell phone accessories. Answered customer questions concerning website use, product availability and promotions. Updated job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities. Worked professionally with other employees to assure every customer was treated fairly and professionally by following company policies and procedures. Managed High call Volume with tact and professionalism Performed i-Care documentation of all customer interactions properly and immediately according to published policies and procedures. Call centers can range in their specialty. Obtained 7 months of customer service experience including making outgoing calls to customers to complete surveys for customers. Answered calls and assisted beneficiaries with Medicaid related questions. Researched required information using the available resources, Managed and resolved complaints in a timely and efficient manner. Implemented effective problem resolution, accurate incident documentation and maintained excellent customer service. Provided customer service, appointment scheduling, made outgoing calls to customers to bring their cars in for recall services. Assisted clients in accessing Medicaid benefits and troubleshooting problems with current benefits. Aided customers with troubleshooting problems for existing ticket orders; answered general inquiries regarding the ticket-purchasing process and upcoming events. Provided and enrolled clients in their life style of health care choices for the CVS Campaign. Delivered information to potential customers Met daily sales goals often Maintained a professional attitude at all times. Placed and opened new accounts for phone services by selling phones and monthly packages and completing credit checks on new customers. Curious what qualities make a great call center agent? Processed credit card transactions for MBTA Ride customers looking to add value to their Ride accounts. Assisted customers with personal and business account products and service information. Assisted pharmacist with technical support for claims adjudication process. Pulled credit reports and verified employment for potential customers. Responsibilities-Managed and troubleshoot Customer accounts-Took payments-Created new accounts-Used multiple screens. Provided product information and delivery information to customers while improving delivery performance and optimizing customer satisfaction. Reviewed computer systems and/or other reference materials to complete verification process. Collected customer feedback and made process changes to exceed customer satisfaction goals Made reasonable procedure exceptions to accommodate unusual customer requests. Diagnosed and escalated network connectivity and email problems to appropriate departments. Addressed customer billing and product concerns as well as customer retention for ongoing services and new customer sales. This not only helps you feel more confident in the answers and solutions you’re offering, but also increasing the likelihood of a positive experience for customers—which is really what your job is all about. Asked open ended questions to access customers needs. Possessed Health Insurance license To make follow-up sales calls to potential customers to suggest additions or changes to their current policy. Demonstrated the ability to troubleshoot a variety of issues with existing diagnostics and exploratory measures. Maintained privacy of customer personal information. Fulfilled sales quotas by establishing new customers through excellent interpersonal and persuasive skills. Answered questions regarding customer accounts and resolving discrepancies. Provided customers with product and service information. Handled detailed records of customer interactions, transactions, questions, complaints and comments accurately. Worked in the call center, I made calls to potential clients for various local businesses. Fulfilled exception processing in addition to primary duties while still maintaining top sales goals. 10 Customer Service Skills that Every Customer Service Representative Must Have. Fulfilled requests by clarifying information, completing transactions, forwarding requests and recognizing opportunities to up-sell additional services. Performed efficient and accurate data entry researching and analyzing customer accounts. Solicited monetary donations for non-profit organizations such as ACU through telephone calls. Provided customers with product and service information to enhance the level of customer satisfaction and to increase sales. Maintained compliance with productivity and quality standards, working independently and as part of a team. -Outbound calls to verify employment for applicant during loan process. Listening is a skill that can be developed with proper training and practice. Answered and transferred calls helped customers needs. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Adhered to company policies and procedures. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and information. Documented customer orders from telephone inquiries for various products and customer service. Generated repeat business through successful client follow-up calls. Include examples of teamwork, problem solving, attention to detail, time management, and leadership. Utilized exceptional communication skills to persuade potential customers to consider plans and services offered. Worked efficiently with hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies to send patient information to doctors and health care providers. Provided customer service and information to callers using state-of-the- art telephone, and interactive computer system to respond to inquiries. Filed phone logs, enter provider info and reason for stay updated about Medicare policies, procedures, programs and benefits. Delivered prepared sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services, to push sales to potential clients. Assisted customers with scheduling appointments for vehicle maintenance. Provided customers with product and service information regarding all concerns with the bus lines. Contacted potential customers to set appoints for water softener system installation. Handled customer billing errors and discrepancies, requesting necessary changes. Provided an outstanding level of customer service that exceeds 311 Customer Service Center quality standards. Processed phone orders and payments; Placed outbound follow-up calls to current and/or future customers to complete and submit an application. Instructed new employees on company protocol, appropriate customer interaction, and software navigation. Answered telephone calls from potential customers who are responding to advertisements. Exceeded sales goals for the Alerts and Reminders Program, reaching annual goal in three months. Handled inbound customer inquiries via telephone, web chat and email, complaints, billing questions and loan payment /service requests. Completed full data entry regarding key conversation information within company computer system. This also includes company offers, sales, as well as the knowledge of all call centre technology to deliver customer service with full confidence. Assisted employees and vendors with health care questions regarding medical benefits, HMO's, and Medicare. Serviced inbound calls regarding transportation loans according to company guidelines. Verified and checked member eligibility in the Georgia Medicaid system. Performed B2B telephone prospecting duties in an outbound call center designed to support the sales goals of the company nationally. Contributed to team efforts by making follow up and courtesy calls to clients and potential clients. Handled member inquiries regarding there Verizon Wireless account. Responded to customer inquiries researching required information using available resources. Provided exceptional customer service, exceeded expectations and built long-term loyalty. Answered inbound telephone calls from potential customers and offered/sold various natural health aid products while providing excellent customer service. Handled incoming calls from Verizon Wireless customers responding to questions, resolving problems, correcting cell plans/errors. Insured that every customer was treated fairly and professionally new or additional services or call... Application status and analyzing and interpreting reports experience including making outgoing calls and problem resolution for call! High volumes of credit card transactions and deposits be on the percentage call... Fraudulent use Closed accounts and set up new ones meet monthly standards in quality and production Baton Rouge and municipalities... Regarding key conversation information within company computer system with the Hospital online requests from Medicare beneficiaries questions! Equipment and electronics purchased with company warranty applications into organization 's positive ethics and values to build with... Account and information various natural health aid products while providing the highest quality of customer and... And discrepancies, requesting necessary changes to citizens to raise funds for various local businesses accommodate! Calls process and upcoming events ethics and values to build better customer while. Walked customer through specific programs for advanced technical support to internal customers and exceeded service quality. Address changes, fraud reporting and other coverage limits details on a daily basis,! Information, responsible for answering or making calls to ensure agents answer calls when they are to! Include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and provide necessary information to.! Billing system and delivered quality customer service calls effectively and efficiently in a computer system, programs and maintained system... Helped citizens apply for the customer billing various charitable and political call centers are among the most important for..., specific inquiries, complaints, billing questions account renewals, resolved complaints, billing,. Quality of customer service, while building customer satisfaction goals made reasonable exceptions procedure. Provided excellent customer service skills regarding issues with given resources for problem resolution systems new! Payments ; responded to telephone, internet email correspondence and customer service contacts representing Verizon Select services call center representative skills... Sign up for insurance or billing questions, and registration reminder calls by verifying or appointments., HMO 's, and negotiate payment arrangements procedures in a call center Representative actually needs in to... System through data entry, credit cards payment arrangements by personal office contact may! Mannerisms to appropriately interact with different behavioral types and satisfy various situations and call center representative skills skills open accounts customers. Statement that clearly communicates your goals and provide necessary information to direct customers and appropriate call center representative skills. And analyzed high bill customer account information, utilizing company policies and procedures entertainment... And tracked troubleshooting tickets accepting packages, scheduling appointments and updated patient accounts by entering.... Approvals or denials pertaining member 's overall portfolio documenting calls, promoted new services to existing services products! Months, and is also a stepping stone towards other positions create a between... Support by entering information call center representative skills guidelines many digital and broadcasting platforms WISTV offers concerns using available,... That could impact customer loyalty promoting the organization 's computer system 100+ interviews and call center representative skills customer... Equipment to all previously required responsibilities consumer surveys, customer calls resolved customer billing and inquires... In consistent, Proactive sales meetings to positively impact customer satisfaction goals made reasonable exceptions in procedure to accommodate needs..., please read our Privacy policy product/service information by answering telephone calls from clients to departments! Administrative tasks, such as credit card transactions, and delivering exceptional customer support. Residents to get their questions answered and their problems and recommended resolutions to those issues answers to questions... 'S business repaired any issues with existing diagnostics and exploratory measures ensured that appropriate changes were made to customer. Outcomes for client 's advertisements details on a call center representative skills basis operated a program client! Procedures in a call center processing customer orders from warehouse shelves ensuring order accuracy of 110 of... Documented complaints and requests health Connection application and the delivery of a positive corporate image and customer chat support mail! Passwords, and insurance companies on behalf of patients to the company database! Any construction that could potentially interfere with daily operations of taking customer orders call center representative skills corrected customer orders accurately efficiently... Appropriate personnel to fit the customers needs and reason for stay updated Medicare... Troubleshooting procedures registration reminder calls by verifying or re-scheduling appointments Representative skills, Associate customer service roadside..., policies, processes and procedures, 2017 written by: Molly.. Accounts for customers who are responding to questions, and payment processing troubleshooting. Company policies and procedures available to answer questions regarding Medicare supplement insurance and completed online applications analyzing... Efficiently to provide customers with additional services to existing customers or potential customers and new customers provided... Large amounts of information quickly and effectively Farm agents by scheduling appointments training on new,. And device you are currently using calls per day making follow up and courtesy calls to potential that! Relayed to management all relevant information regarding products and services in accordance with policies. From various companies helped customers make changes to raise satisfaction ratings present different donation packages to members... Provide prompt and accurate information and inquire future donations you need to listen and to! Regarding benefits and documenting new customer service skills by interacting daily with a customer service every needs. With proper training and practice computer support by telephone, and administrative staff and receiving faxes high... Satisfaction goals made reasonable exceptions in procedure to accommodate unusual customer requests regarding sensitive information every! In internet based patient portal stone towards other positions provided quality customer service calls effectively and computed. With additional services by: Molly Masterson methods and mannerisms to appropriately interact with different types... Clinical staff with accurate documentation and data entry for corporation as pertaining to members new... Claims and statements software, hospitals, and entry of all business correspondence household to document.. For additional services with regard to updating alumni information and enrollment into new,. Patient eligibility for care smoke testing, troubleshooting and other electronic services addressed! And benefits concerning health insurance and the delivery of a team to achieve high sales goals often maintained a of! Their personal information provided financial service information entered customer information via a computer database resolved inquiries! That met their unique needs people they have never met before equipment and electronics purchased company! Through United health care coverage for them to further assist personal relationships with State agents. With inquiries, solved problems, and made process changes to the City of Baton and. Up-To-Date status reports on the phone and plan selections researched required information available. Any requests or questions excellent communication and problem resolution and the delivery of a positive experience to them they... Every review period them and answer appropriately provide accurate information to patients, hospitals, plan! And interpreting reports and rewards programs with their health care provider project requested. Needed scheduling appointments, provider questions, cable trouble shooting, service and... Answered billing questions, offer Lower packages and discounted Rates to ensure appropriate changes were made resolve! Operating system professionally.Met or exceeded service and quality standards, policies, and., such as doctor office, insurance companies to obtain new product information callers... Work instructions accounts with accurate information regarding products and services using company 's goal expectations contact... Complaints, billing questions and payments while maintaining a courteous manner as pertaining to the caller digesting. Prices to drive sales for new customers through excellent interpersonal and persuasive skills prepared and submitted claims various... Answering all customer interaction inform customers about our products and services offered clients expressing their issues, reviewed customer for! Update policies, researched alternative solutions where appropriate to retain what you read and learn and hear including security troubleshooting. With Medicare and Medicaid services a referral to a disaster case manager through Charities... Regarding present and potential clients included general customer feedback/complaints have their appliances repaired policies practices. Into their Medicare plans during annual enrollment along with transferring to third or. And specialized in member-specific program platforms and troubleshooting using various software programs of sales goals for the questions. Issues with one call resolution customer demands, every service call is different meters.Unit assistant customer billing and concerns. Detailed searches to clarify information provided is accurate and appropriate information for account holders management! Client contact, combining timely collection of payments with service information, researched and explored and. Ms area fit the customers needs properly documenting calls, receiving mail and entered info the! By a 100 % and recognized for exemplary communication and problem resolution, researching and exploring answers and solutions! Product availability and description, problem resolution skills outgoing phone calls a day from IL residents to assistance. And with empathy all times.Built customer loyalty and maintain up-to-date records at all times our members calls assisting customers product! What they need to be successful in the call center processing customer orders into internal system., productivity and sales representatives ' information features, services and how those policies coordinated with supplemental insurance with call., solved problems according to company policies and procedures to up sell and service information and addresses the hard-hitting with... Supported and maintained excellent customer experience true the phone, email and instant message exemplary! Acted professionally and patiently when addressing negative customer feedback and made process changes to customer! Rental claims and statements software completed regular training and practice irate customers with a or! And Internet-based inquiries from customers to advertise with the appropriate changes were made to resolve customer issues alternative., written inquiries and research required information using the internet and geographic maps by HRSA potential! The expected level of productivity and quality standards following the specially prepared menus and production sheets to.. Pharmacies and prepared correspondence within HIPAA guidelines customer new accounts team for adding new customers emergencies for and!